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When you need hair removal, The Waxing Room has you covered. We offer services for men and women to eliminate unsightly hairs from any part of the body. From BRAZILIAN WAXES to legs and backs, we tailor our luxury waxing service to meet your specific needs so you can enjoy soft and smooth skin year-round. To know more about our professional waxing services, contact us today.


Ladies Waxing

Brazilian Wax


Removes all the hair from the pubic area and in between the cheeks. You will be left completely hairless! Option to leave a landing strip. *Please schedule "First-Time Client Brazilian" if you are new to waxing.

The Half-Braz


Does everything that a Brazilian does, except leaves the hair on top for a more natural look! (Shape is like a "martini" glass.)

Extended Bikini


Goes beyond the Basic wax by adding 2 inches into the bikini line, as well as the outside and a across the top. Perfect for a "high-cut" bikini. Also includes the lower portion of your inner thigh just near your cheeks.

Basic Bikini


Waxes 2 inches from the outside of your bikini line all around. Perfect for those wearing more modest bikini bottoms.

Full Legs


Includes both legs from the top of the thigh down to your toes. 

Full Legs with Brazilian


Includes Full Brazilian with a Full Leg Wax. Save $23 dollars by combining these services!

Full Leg with Extended Bikini


Add an Extended Bikini wax to your leg wax for just $20!

Full Arms


Both arms are waxed from the shoulder to the hands. Fingers included. 


Men's Waxing

Full Back


Full back wax from the collar line to the top of the buttocks.

Half- Back


Whatever half you'd like! From Collar line to below the shoulder blades, OR from below shoulder blades to top of buttocks.

Ears or Nostrils


Removes hair from these areas gently and swiftly. 



Chest waxing from collar line, to include pecs, and down to the top of the rib cage.

Chest and Stomach Combo


Full chest wax including stomach to below the belly button. Combo discount price!



Removes all the hair on top, including scrotum and inside the buttocks

The "Down Under"
(Half-Braz for men)


Focuses on the "undercarriage." Leaves hair on top for a more natural look.  Removes hair on the scrotum and in between the cheeks.

The Mankini


Removes the hair 2 inches from around the edges of your speedo.



Removes hair from the outer buttocks.

Full Legs


Both legs waxed including feet and toes.

Full Arms


Both arms are waxed including shoulders and hands.



Both underarms waxed.

Lashes & Brows


Eyebrow Wax


Brow Tint


Lash Tint


Brow Lamination


Lash Lift


Brow Lamination w/Tint Combo


Lash Lift with Tint


Deluxe Combo of Brows and Lashes: Wax, tint, lam, and lift!


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