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Full-Service Waxing Salon in Huntington Beach, CA


Welcome to The Waxing Room, where all we do is waxing.

We are a specialty boutique offering premium quality waxing for men and women. We use the finest quality European waxes and products that are hypo-allergenic and safe for sensitive skin.  The environment is clean and comfortable and we always adhere to all state sanitary guidelines and NEVER double-dip! We offer hard wax and soft wax and will remove as little or as much hair as you desire.  Your version of sexy is our version of sexy because we believe a service SO personal should be tailored to you and your body and not chosen by an assembly line of waxers.


Check out our facilities in Huntington Beach, located in The Pacific Plaza Shopping Center on Magnolia and Adams. Our treatment rooms are entirely self-contained and sanitized to protect our staff and customer's health. 


Quality is the name of the game.

Here at The Waxing Room, we use only the best hypo-allergenic European waxes (both hard and soft) and products. We also make sure to keep our environment clean, and we proudly maintain and even exceed all state sanitary guidelines. Contact us for more information, or to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced and talented aestheticians.

Take your first step on the journey to soft and smooth skin today.



When you need hair removal, The Waxing Room has you covered. We offer services for men and women to eliminate unsightly hairs from any part of the body. From BRAZILIAN WAXES to legs and backs, we tailor our luxury waxing service to meet your specific needs so you can enjoy soft and smooth skin year round. To know more about our professional waxing services, contact us today.





A quick clean-up to wax away any stray hairs from your brow line and in between your eyes. Trim and Tweeze. Serum application.

Eyebrows- First Time Client


Starts with face-shape analysis, and consultation on brow design. Includes a full waxing all around the eye area. Trim tweeze, and mini eye massage.

Brazilian Wax


Removes all the hair on top of the pubic mound, labia and in between the cheeks. You will be left hairless like Barbie! Option to leave landing strip. *Please schedule "First-Time Client Brazilian" if you are new to waxing!

The Half-Braz


Does everything that a Brazilian does, excepts leaves the hair on top for a more natural look. 

Basic Bikini


Removes the hair 2 inches around the top and sides of your bikini line.

Extended Bikini


Goes beyond the Basic wax by adding 2 inches into the bikini line, as well as the outside. AKA a "french" or "high-cut" bikini. Includes the lower portion of your inner thigh just below your cheeks.

Full Legs


Includes both legs from the top of the thigh down to your toes. 

Full Legs with Brazilian


Includes Full Brazilian with a Full Leg Wax. Save $23 dollars by combining these services!

Full Leg with Extended Bikini


Add an Extended Bikini wax to your leg wax for just $18.

Full Arms


Both arms are waxed from the shoulder the the hands. Fingers included. 

Full Back


Full back wax from the collar line to the top of the buttocks.

Half- Back


Whatever half you'd like! From Collar line to below the shoulder blades, OR from below shoulder blades to top of buttocks.

Ears or Nostrils


Removes hair from these areas gently and swiftly. 



Chest waxing from collar line, to include pecs, and down to the top of the rib cage.

Chest and Stomach Combo


Full chest wax including stomach to below the belly button. Combo discount price!



Removes all the hair on top, including scrotum and inside the buttocks. 

The "Down Under"

(Half-Braz for men)


Focuses on the "undercarriage." Leaves hair on top for a more natural look.  Removes hair on the scrotum and in between the cheeks.

The Mankini


Removes the hair 2 inches from around the edges of your speedo.



Removes hair from the outer buttocks.

Full Legs


Both legs waxed including feet and toes



 A clean-up wax to remove stray hairs around the brow and between the eyes.

Full Arms


Both arms are waxed including shoulders, and hands.



Both arms are waxed including shoulders, and hands.

Body Waxing Services for Gentlemen in Huntington Beach, CA

As a man, you want to look your best, and one of the greatest ways to achieve this is by removing excess body hair. By performing chest hair removal, you will have a more defined body shape with soft and youthful-looking skin. Moreover, by waxing other areas, you will reduce body odor from sweat - normally your hair absorbs the odor which makes it last even after washing. No matter what area of your body you need hair removed from, our team has the experience to take care of it quickly. Some of the specific waxing services we offer for men include:

Body Waxing Services for Ladies in Huntington Beach, CA

At our waxing boutique, we offer a number of services to remove those unsightly hairs from all over your body. Whether you want smooth legs to wear your silky new dress or bikini waxing services for clean lines before heading to the beach, our team has the service you need. We even have techniques for working on facial hair and offer brow shaping to clean up your eyebrows. Some of the specific waxing services we offer for women include:

About Our Waxing Salon


While every spa offers waxing, very few specialize in it. Unfortunately, this can lead to "sticky situations" that often leave customers with a poor waxing experience. That's why it is essential to seek a Waxologist (an Esthetician who specializes in waxing) when looking for hair removal. We offer several styles of bikini waxing services and body waxing for both men and women. We use a combination of hard and soft waxes, including the "painless" European hard wax for all Brazilians. We will remove as little or as much hair as you want; nothing is too bare or too shocking for us! We can even wax a special shape or apply rhinestone designs for those that like a little vajazzle!

The Waxing Room is owned and operated by Erin Temple. Erin has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years and has specialized in hair removal since 2011. Erin graduated from the Atelier Esthetique Institute in New York City, where she specialized in waxing. From there, she worked for some of the best names in the business, including NYC waxing company Completely Bare (which was featured on Bravo's Real Housewives of NYC).

Upon returning to Southern California, Erin quickly gained a following in Orange County and decided to open a waxing studio, called The Waxing Room. We have been a local small business in Huntington Beach for 6 years and have waxed 1,000's of people. While Erin has learned from the best in the business, her personality and soothing bedside manner guarantee a unique and quality waxing experience like no other. She aims for perfection every time and is very thorough and detailed in her craft. Erin believes in unbridled customer service and accommodating each client beyond their expectations.

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